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Project Description

Course ID Course Name Instructor Time
CCOBS Computer Clerical Office Business Skills Maria del Pilar Garcia 8:00AM – 2:00PM

The student will learn to type by starting basic keys stroking skills, and how the basic functions of popular software applications work. They will learn the different operations associated with a standard calculator and the use of office machines and equipment. They will learn about designing and laying out presentations with Power Point. The student will learn how to set up basic data using Microsoft Access including forms, reports, queries, and tables. They will learn to prepare a resume, fill out applications, prepare for interviews, write thank you letters, and use correct telephone techniques.

The program prepares the students for entry-level positions for an office requiring computer clerical business skills. The office applications taught reflect those that are used in many businesses for word processing, databases management, and presentations.

Modules of Instruction

CCOBS 101 Computer Introduction (Windows)
CCOBS 102.00 Mac Introduction
CCOBS 103.00 Internet Introduction
CCOBS 104.00 MS Word
CCOBS 105.00 MS Excel
CCOBS 106.00 MS PowerPoint
CCOBS 107.00 MS Publisher
CCOBS 108.00 MS Access
CCOBS 109.00 MS Outlook
CCOBS 110.00 MS OneNote
CCOBS 111.00 Office Procedures