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Project Description

Course ID Course Name Instructor Time
CRT Computer Repair Technician (A+ Prep) Jose Alvarado 8:00AM – 2:00PM

The student will learn the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience needed to obtain an entry-level position in the Computer Repair Field. The Program begins with Introduction to basic Computer Skills that teaches how to operate both Windows and Mac Operating System. The student will then get introduced to installing operating systems, drivers, and software.

The next section of the course is the comprehension of the Motherboard, Buses, BIOS, Memory and ATA/IDE Interface. Knowing how Storage plays an important part of repair. Student will then get experience with Video and Audio hardware, External I/O interfaces and Input devices. In the next section student will learn how to set up Internet devices, connection and network areas. The last section where student learn about computer repair is how to upgrade the computer. For the conclusion of the course students will learn how to find and prepare for employment through the Career Development lesson.

The program objective of the course is to provide the student with the entire necessary classroom, practical and laboratory training to meet the minimum requirements to begin employment at a professional level.

Modules of Instruction

CCOBS 101 Computer Introduction (Windows)
CCOBS 102.00 Mac Introduction
CRT 101.00 Installation
CRT 102.00 PC Components & Processor
CRT 103.00 Motherboards, BIOS. Memory & ATA
CRT 104.00 Storage
CRT 105.00 Hardware, External I/O & Input Devices
CRT 106.00 Internet and Network
CRT 107.00 Power, Upgrading & Maintenance
CD 112.00 Career Development