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Project Description

Course ID Course Name Instructor Time
DP Diversified Photography and Graphic Design TBA TBA

The student will learn how to use a 35mm digital camera using different apertures and shutter speeds. The student will develop strategies in or out the studio by learning different lighting techniques using different backgrounds. They will learn how to restore pictures and retouching, as well as special effects. The student will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop CS5. They will learn to prepare a resume, fill out applications, prepare for interviews, write thank you letters, and use correct telephone techniques.

The program objective of the course is to provide the students with skills and knowledge for either photographer or a digital technician doing photo restoration, retouching, special effects, or manipulation of digital images.

Modules of Instruction

CCOBS 101 Computer Introduction (Windows)
CCOBS 102.00 Mac Introduction
DP 101.00 Introduction into Photography
DP 102.00 Natural and Studio Light Techniques
DP 103.00 Digital Photography
DP 104.00 Color Digital Image Editing
DP 105.00 Scanning Images/Image Resolution
DP 106.00 Digital Imaging in Graphics Arts Programs
DP 107.00 Output Devices Information Storage Media
CD 109.00 Career Development