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Project Description

Course ID Course Name Instructor Time
MAFO Medical Assistant Front Office TBA TBA

The student will learn about keyboarding disposition and finger assignment to improve speed and technique. Using Microsoft Word, they will learn how to set-up a page layout, select fonts, styles, and sizes. Using Microsoft Excel, they will also learn how to create and format worksheets by entering text, values, and formulas. During this program the student will learn how to use Medisoft software for insurance claim printing, electronic claim submission, accounts receivable tracking, and practice managing reports in healthcare practices and billing services. The student will also learn how to use ICD-9 and CPT for coding diagnoses and procedures. The program will train the student in the skills needed to function to function in the medical office front desk or medical clinic. They will learn to prepare a resume, fill out applications, prepare for interviews, write thank you letters, and use correct telephone techniques.

The program prepares the Student for entry-level positions as a Medical Assistant in administrative and medical office settings. The emphasis of the program is placed on medical ethics, terminology, business procedures, human relations, secretarial, and business skills for the medical front office.

Modules of Instruction

CCOBS 101 Computer Introduction (Windows)
CCOBS 102.00 Mac Introduction
MAFO 101.00 Introduction to Medical Assisting
MAFO 102.00 Introduction Medical Terminology
MAFO 103.00 Administrative Skill
MAFO 104.00 Health Information
MAFO 105.00 Basic Billing and Coding
MAFO 106.00 Management Skills
MAFO 107.00 Emergency Preparedness
CD 112.00 Career Development