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You may begin you course once the enrollment process is complete and you have received all material and equipment.

All information provided to United School of America will be confidential and will never be shared with the public.

The process for enrolling in United School of America is as follows:
  1. Student takes a tour of the campus.
  2. The student is asked to show proof of age and document attainment of a high school diploma or its equivalent. (Student to pass an ATB Test if required).
  3. The applicant receives a copy of the current school catalog.
  4. The applicant is advised, orally and in writing, regarding the institution’s refund and cancellation policies.
  5. The applicant is asked to sign for receipt of the current school catalog.
  6. The applicant receives and initials and signs a current School Performance Fact Sheet.
  7. The applicant is asked to execute an enrollment agreement, in English.
  8. If the applicant has been recruited in another language, tested in another language, or interviewed in another language, the student receives a copy of the enrollment agreement and catalog in that other language.

The benefits that you will gain by receiving training are having the opportunity to develop essential knowledge and skills to meet employer expectations. At United School of America we make it our priority for you to improve your education and employment opportunities.