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Date:September 10, 2014

Computer Clerical Office Business Skills

  • Course Info

    Course ID Course Name Instructor Time
    CCOBS Computer Clerical Office Business Skills Maria del Pilar Garcia 8:00AM - 2:00PM

  • Length of Program

    500 Hours
  • Frequency of Lessons

    Monday through Friday / 5 hours per day
  • Program Mission

    The mission of this program is to build foundational skills related to Microsoft Office Software, filing, public contact, typing / keyboarding, office machines operations, all to prepare students for entry level clerical positions.
  • Program Description

    The Student will learn the necessary knowledge and skills needed to obtain an entry-level position in a Business Service Environment. Due to the fact that it’s a requirement to be able to operate a computer in this field, the course begins with and introduction to Windows and Mac. The next Lesson is an introduction to the Internet, this lesson will allow students to research effectively on the World Wide Web, and operate Electronic Mail. The courses primary focus is the training of Microsoft Office seven programs. These programs include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook, OneNote. By learning these seven programs students will be knowledgeable in Word Processing, Accounting, Presentation, Publications, Databases, Professional Email System, and Organizations of Notebooks. For the conclusion of the course students will gain understanding in Office Procedures and Career Development. Students will be comfortable in an office setting and have the skills to find employment in this field.
  • Program Objectives

    The program objective of the course Computer Clerical Office Business Skills is to provide the student with the entire necessary classroom, practical and training to meet the minimum requirements to begin employment at a professional level. The office applications taught reflect those that are used in the majority of business for Word Processing, Databases, Presentations and Accounting.
  • Internship / Externship

    None Required
  • Sequential Outline of Subject Matter

    Modules of Instruction

    CCOBS 101 Computer Introduction (Windows)
    CCOBS 102.00 Mac Introduction
    CCOBS 103.00 Internet Introduction
    CCOBS 104.00 MS Word
    CCOBS 105.00 MS Excel
    CCOBS 106.00 MS PowerPoint
    CCOBS 107.00 MS Publisher
    CCOBS 108.00 MS Access
    CCOBS 109.00 MS Outlook
    CCOBS 110.00 MS OneNote
    CCOBS 111.00 Office Procedures
    CD 112.00 Career Development